Why Is It Called Graphic Design?

Why is it called graphic design

The concept consists of two words, graphic and design. Design is about problem solving, and that's exactly what graphic design is about, and only through the graphic. The word graphic means to draw.

Graphic Design is problem solving through visual communication.

A graphic designer is a problem solver that conveys a message. It may be to convey the values of a company through a logo, or music style of a band through a record cover.

Digital and analog

Graphic design is something that has existed for a long time, and it is only in recent years that it has been about design on screen and in digital media.

Despite the fact that much has been digitized and moved from paper to screen, much need to be designed for the press. Many people prefer to read physical books better than e-books, and a large print poster draws more attention than a facebook event.

It means:

Graphic design is design for both paper and screen.

Whether it is logos, posters, books, websites, apps or the package of milk cartons, it is most likely a graphic designer behind it.What is not graphic design?

Graphic design is not art!

A common misconception is that graphic design is art's little brother, and it's no wonder when graphic design and art are together on library shelves, and many schools offer art and graphic design together.

Art and design are both created by creative professionals, but this is where the similarities stop.

Art is often something that will express an artist's feelings or ask critical questions about society.

Art is something that can be interpreted differently by those watching. It is not graphic design. Graphic design can have a profound meaning, but to communicate the message correctly, it is perceived equally by all who see. If interpreted differently the problem is not solved.

Graphic design is in many ways practical work. The goal is to find problems and solve them.This does not mean that graphic design and art can not be combined - that they are often. But because they have different functions, it is important to know that they are not playing in the same league.

One reason why graphic design and art is often mixed may be that many think that a graphic designer's job is to make things that are nice to look at. It is clearly an aesthetic part at graphic design, but it is only a small part of it. There is a lot of work behind such a nice logo, work that many do not see as a part of design.

Graphic design is research and planningIn order to design a logo for a company, you need know now - who they are and what is the message they want to reach out with. It is only when you know those facts that you can begin to make a plan to solve the task.

The same applies for a poster. What do you want written on the poster? Who will see the poster? Where should it be hung? What is the most important information that must be, and what is less important?

A graphic designer will have to ask these questions in order to resolve the problem. It is not enough to create something that "looks good" if the message is not getting through.


  • Graphic Design is problem solving and communication
  • Graphic design is not art
  • Graphic design is much more than the visual
  • Graphic design is planning and research