Vladimir Putin requesting encryption keys that can decrypt all data!

Vladimir Putin requesting encryption keys that can decrypt all data

Can turn the internet upside down!

According Meduza, the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, asked the Federal Security Service (FSB) to produce “encryption keys” that can decrypt all data on the Internet.

New anti-terror Law.

What it actually means is unclear, but it seems to be an impossible task for the agents in FSB. Gawker writes that this is only part of the Russian authorities plan on monitoring the Internet.

The new “anti-terror” law proposal will be enforced on July 20, but according to several reliable sources seems to be very expensive to make it work in practice.

Here are some details:

Mobile operators and “those who organize the distribution of content” (supposedly sites) must save copies of all the content they transmit (including phone calls and text messages) for six months and store metadata in three years.

To save this information broadband providers have to build new and large data centers.

To operate these data centers Russian authorities must upgrade the country’s old power grids and data lines.

The cost is expected to be between 4 and 9 billion USD, up 75 billion.

FSB has two weeks to manufacture these “master keys” but maybe they are facing an impossible task.

This law proposal comes just a few weeks after Russia introduce another law that could force western instant messaging apps out of the country.