The Rainmaker Platform

The Rainmaker Platform is so complete that you will most probably not feel any need for AddOns.  Read the article and get Your free 14 day trial. Rainmaker is an all-in-one solution for your online marketing & sales business.  Rainmaker is like a Kinderegg for marketers and entrepreneurs like you.

the rainmaker platform

In the late summer 6 years ago, a group of people met in a city in US. After a few hours they shared a great vision and a company to execute on it.

The name of the company is Rainmaker Digital and their vision and concept was the Rainmaker Platform.

The strongest card in this group was Brian Clark. Clark is now the CEO of Rainmaker Digital. He also founded the famous Copyblogger marketing site in 2006.  Later he launched multiple 7 figure start ups thanks to the big audience he already had created.

After a while Clark brought his partners together in a conference room, because he had a vision of building something far better than WordPress and the marketing software his companies had created this far.

His goal was to create a more sophisticated and much better sales and marketing platform that met his needs as non technical entrepreneur and content creator. He wanted a platform for the masses, the publishers and marketers that focused on their business not their tech skills.

This is exactly what the Rainmaker has become after it was launched 2 years ago.

Rainmaker took a unusual path, they never asked for venture capital to fund their growth. They grow to 12 million USD in annual revenue and over 200.000 customers without spending 1 Dollar in advertising, all thanks to the power of their skills in content marketing.

During the last 6 years their team has grown to 65 people across the planet. Their headquarter is based in Colorado. The Rainmaker team is very passionate about their product.  They are constantly improving the platform, but they are not rushing it on behalf of the quality.

Rainmaker is a powerful platform and partner, designed to improve your daily life and your business. Thank you for reading our article about Rainmaker.

Try it free for 14 days, no obligations, and learn how the Rainmaker Platform can help you to earn more with less hassle and confusion.