Revealing your secrets by scanning your brain!


Revealing your secrets by scanning your brain!  Are our brains the next being hacked?

New research from the University Texas Tech has shown that the use of EEG-authentication may be the beginning of a new era in privacy issues.

Analyzed anonymous data

To open your phone or computer with brain waves your might seem like a good idea on paper, but in reality it opens for a new variety of dangers for privacy.

Research from Texas Tech shows that the same technology can be used to read your secrets, for example if you are an alcoholic.

There are scientists Abdul Serwadda and Richard Matovu who tested two authentication systems that use EEG (electroencephalogram) to see if they could find personal information in the anonymous data.

Revealed one in four in the study

The duo created a program based on machine learning as compared to the new data with data from a group of confirmed alcoholics. Algorithm revealed 25 percent of participants in the study who alcoholics.


“We were not surprised, we know that the signals from the brain is rich in information,” says Serwadda about the findings. Microsoft has previously researched the use of EEG data.


Pandoras box

The findings may have a value for medical research but also serves as a warning as brain scanners become a more likely alternative to other biometric security systems.  So what is next? Will they sell our inner secrets?