Renowned Norwegian car designer behind new mega yacht consept!

Mega Yacht

This luxury concept has 300 square meters of solar cells, a 20 meter swimming pool and private garden on board.

Mega Yacht Concept as Einar Hareide call the brand new concept yacht that was launched this week is signed Hareide Design. Many people probably know Einar Hareiede as car designer, although his field is within product and industrial design.

If you’ve drawn headlamps that has made its mark on Mercedes for years, if you’ve been designing for Saab for almost ten years, the last as head designer, and if you helped design the reborn Borgward from the start, it’s no wonder you get a certain reputation as a car designer.

In this context, we can expand the concept to transport designer. For now there is a boat he proposes.

The Mega Yacht as he calls it, with a 108-meter mono-hull construction is not “mega” just exaggerating.

Mega Yacht interior

The price tag can be more than 180 million USD.

The yacht is a concept made on its own initiative to test new designs and user experiences on a megayacht.

Despite the impressive size, this private ship is relatively traditional and conservative in terms of design and functional solutions. We have chosen to create flexibility by opening up the ship and provide the opportunity to use it for different tasks. It could be concerts, exhibitions, research, nature and more. The plan is to furnish the ship as required by custom modules.

In terms of price Einar Hareide says it is difficult to estimate, given that this is a concept.

Similar yachts of this size often end up somewhere between 180 – 230 million

Is there a market for such boats?

In the private luxury and mega yacht there is a market today and the flexibility of this concept also makes it interesting for different types of organizations, industries and tourism.

In this ship you will feel very close to the nature around you, partly thanks to a 20-meter pool surrounded by your own private garden.

We are talking about a combination of elegance and modern Scandinavian design in the interior. It will be powerd by a a proper diesel-electric hybrid powertrain and lithium batteries.