Looking For A Web Hosting Deal? Be Carefull Before You Sign Up!

Finding the right provider to host / hosting your website(s) is not always easy. Sabaiestate.com IT & Tech Blog has made the job easier for you. Several of the best known players in the market beckons with low prices, which tends to compromise on performance, usability and other lackings.

Most of you probably know GoDaddy.  At first sight they seems to be a good option, but their hosting options often require that you purchase additional add-ons to get the website hosting you need. These deficiencies ranging from lack of cPanel (for basic packages), low bandwidth, large restrictions on how many pages your site may contain, contact form without captcha, email and email management are not included. These are just some of the deficiencies you find at GoDaddy.

If you like cheap, cheap is what you get.  So you better prepare for a lot of costly AddOns. These deficiencies are often common for some of the biggest and best known web hosting providers. But do not worry, there are exceptions. Pc Pool has made the job easier for you. We’ve come up with hosting options that give you the best  combination of price and product / service.

Why is use GoDaddy as an example.  Its hard to admit it. I just signed up with them 7 days ago. Do I regret it. YES I DO.  After 5 days I found out that they did not even include responsive design. So only PC and laptop users could browse my new website www.pc-pool.com.  Its still out there as a blank site.  But it was cheap

SSD Split Shared Hosting

Great option for low-budget hosting needs. You will get the same high-speed performance of our other plans, but without the ability to handle more traffic.  Read and learn more

SSD Split Dedicated Hosting

Popular hosting option. This plan is used to host simple blogs, company websites and e-commerce sites capable to serve millions of visitors each day.  Read and learn more

SSD Dedicated Servers

If your application is very demanding on CPU time and / or simultaneous traffic, we offer custom made dedicated servers to accommodate those demanding needs.  Read and learn more


“SSD is a flash memory storage device, used in place of a hard disk, it store data on microchips”

SSD retrive data up to 300 times faster. Improves the time it take to load a web page. Upload time increases.  Can handle more traffic. It will not crash after its end life. Its shock and vibration resistant.  Not sensitive to high or low temperatures.  Its a safer method to store crutial and sensitive data.

Visit CRUCIAL HOSTING and find your hosting package.


Sabaiestate.com has hosted its domain at One.com for more than 8 years. It is no coincidence that we are loyal to one.com.  They offer a unique product that includes what you need and even more. Their customer service provides rapid feedback, they are very polite and will not give up until they have found a solution to your inquiry / issue.

We have tried other hosting providers, but we allways return to ur favourite web host.  One.com will always go extra miles to make you a happy customer.  We love them!


Read more about one.com here