Kim Dotcom’s Megaupload will return to a cloud near you!

kim dotcom I will be back

Kim Dotcom`s Megaupload will return to a cloud near you! The contentious internet millionaire does not give up. Kim Dotcom is a familiar figure on the www “world wide web” and behind services such as Mega and Megaupload.

Kim’s Megaupload file sharing and cloud storage service was closed in 2012, but according to Dotcom, who is currently residing in New Zealand, Megaupload is on the way back. He confirms to TorrentFreak that the disputed service will be back

“All I can say is that this year I’ve set the wheels in motion and a new cloud storage service is currently under development” still exist on the web. It will be interesting to follow Kim on the journey.  He have been teasing authorities in several countries, the record industry, the movie industry and a number of international artists. Time will tell if they let him continue his new project.  We sincerely hope he succeeds and are willing to give users more free storage than some of  the services that exist today.  We have heard rumours about 100GB free storage. Time will show.