Inadequate IT Solutions Is Costly

Inadequate IT solutions and downtime

Inadequate IT solutions is costly for businesses.

Downtime and lack of accessibility is a major issue which cost businesses dearly. The annual economic cost is as much as 16 million US dollars and it is a sharp increase from 2014 shows a study.

A new study conducted by Vanson Bourne, an independent specialist in market research and technology, shows that there is an alarming gap between user requirements and the IT department’s ability to be available “24/7” – with more events and more downtime than in 2014 .

New research from Veeam Software shows that despite many serious incidents in the past year, companies are still not sufficiently aware of their users needs. In its fifth year Veeam availability report shows that 84 percent of overall IT decision makers worldwide admits they face a “Availability Gap” (the gap between what IT can deliver and what users demand). This is a slight increase from 2014.

Availability gap costs firms up to $ 16 million a year in lost revenue and productivity, in addition to that it has negative impact on customer confidence and brand’s integrity. Although the study may seem somewhat Americanized.  They interviewed 1140 IT decision makers from large companies and organizations respectively in the United States, China, France and Germany. This figure has increased by $ 6 million for 12 months, despite the fact that almost all respondents say that they have taken measures to reduce disruptions. These figure is expected to rise in 2017).

Modern companies are becoming software controlled enterprises, so the IT department can no longer deliver services that are only “ok”. Constant availability ( “always on”) is important. But in the 12 months since Veeam recent survey, the number of annual incidents of unplanned downtime increased (from 13 to 15), and it take far more time to recover. In today’s economy, where speed and reliability are critical, this is unacceptable. If the trend continues, I fear for the companies in the study, said Ratmir Timasheva, CEO of Veeam.

There are some bright spots:  Almost three-quarters of the companies recognize that this is something that should be paid attention, and that they’re going fix these issues within 6-12 months. We see that companies have begun to understand the importance of availability solutions and how cloud and cloud-based services such as Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) plays a crucial roll says Timasheva.  The term “always on” is important to all that has a business that is dependent on server/internet  uptime.  It do not matter if you are big or tiny, downtime is equal to lost revenue.


Inadequate it solutions, lack of accessibility and unplanned down time is costly for your business.