Free “must read” e-book about 2016 Cyber Security Trends from Microsoft

cyber security trends microsoft 2016

The book discusses this year’s cyber security trends.

If you are interested (you should be) to read about cyber security trends, Microsoft has a very useful book for you. They recently published a free e-book called “2016 Trends in Cyber Security: A quick guide to the most important insights regarding security”.

As the title implies, the book contains the most important trends in cyber security, which are researched by Microsoft experts over the past ten years. In the book you can read more about the main points that are extracted from a 190-page security report.

Microsoft e-book is helpful to read through to be quickly updated about the current security situation. The book also points out where security threats can hide and how to prevent them.

The book is divided into 10 chapters:

1.Severity of Vulnerabilities

2.Declining Java Exploits

3.Stronger Enterprise Protection

4.Global Security Concerns

5.Extent of Exploits Kit

6.Most Commonly Detected Objects

7.New Application Vulnerabilities

8.Increased Trojan Levels

9.Continued Complexity of  Threats

10.Platform Agnostic Vulnerabilities

Each of the chapters contains detailed descriptions of each cyber security trend in 2016. It also describes what these security trends mean for the companies and the people working in the industry

Did you know that Mongolia, Libya, Iraq, Pakistan and Palestine areas are the countries with the highest malware infection rate.

Download the free e-book on Microsoft’s website. Link And Article Directory