Find Out What SEX Would Be Like In The Future!

Cyber sex AI doll

This is what experts believe sex will be like in the near future:

We guess it may take time to get used to it.  Should we believe the doctor and the Wall Street Journal writer Laura Berman: Our sexlife will be much better in 2050 than it is today. Berman argues that we are going to have as good a grasp of neurobiology that can stimulate our brains to sexual experiences we can not even imagine or dream about today, and it will be done without physical contact. This is not only good news for masturbators, it will dramatically improve sex life even for people with disabilities.


Technology and science will also provide new ways of having sex. Visionaries in the field believe sex robots could become a reality within the next 10-15 years. One of these is Robin Elenga, founder of sex toy company Revel Body. Elenga from Vice Magazine tells that he believes robots will replace sex toys in the near future.. New materials like, sensors, motors, and software is getting better so it will make Sex Machines more appealing to the masses, he said.



Future bordellos:

In cooperation with the sexologist Michelle Mars we have seen how the sex industry may look like in 2050. In the report “Robots, Men And Sex Tourism” the experts writes that the purchase of sex in the future may be a legal and conscience free industry because the prostitutes will be replaced with sex robots. The researchers further claims that sex androids can put a stop to STDs and especially illegal trafficking in the sex industry.

When people are no longer exploited researchers believe that brothels could be sanitizing in the future.   Sexy and (artificial) smart David Levy is an expert in artificial intelligence. He believe sex robots will be part of the life in the near future.   By mid-century, I think more people will accept robots to be lovers and perhaps even partners, says David Levy of Newsweek.

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