So many will buy the iPhone 7. Are you one of them? I am not!

So many will buy the iPhone 7. Are you one of them? I am not!

The figure is not very impressing.

The renowned analyst Gene Munster has figured out how many people are interested in getting the iPhone 7 that is going be launched in September. Nearly 15 percent want Apple’s upcoming 7.  Munsters figures reveal that 67.5% of Apple customers own an iPhone that is two years old or more, of these 56.3% wishes to upgrade to iPhone 7 or 7 Plus. 14.8%have already decided to upgrade, while 29% say they might want Apple’s new mobile that we already know a lot about.

Belief in better sales than 6s

Munster believes that more people will want to upgrade after Apple has released their new flagship. Munster also believes iPhone 7 sales will be the same as 6 and 6 Plus that was launched two years ago – if it does, we will see a sales increase of 12 percent compared with the launch of 6s and 6s Plus.

I will never ever consider to buy a iPhone or iPad.

Personally I will not buy any of Apples products. I bought a new iPhone 4s many years ago.  I had it for 14 days, then I decided to give it away, and I did.  I replaced it with a Samsung Galaxy S2.  I did not regret a second, ever since that I have been loyal to Samsung.

The big problem with iPhone is that they have to many inbuilt restrictions. You can’t do this, you can’t do that. I felt like they come with a built in dictator ala Hitler & Stalin. Six months ago I let my girlfriend chose between a Ipad or a Galaxy pad as a gift from me. She chose the Ipad and she regret and complain almost every day that she did.

After spending a few months with her iPad she feel the same way I did with my iPhone.  She feel the freedom to use it the way she prefer is lost. She feel controlled by Apple. If u like a device for flashing status, fine chose an Apple product and impress your friends.  If you like something more user friendly u should chose an Android based device. Case closed!